Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hey hey!
Happy Valentine`s day!
Yesterday i got a wonderful Valentine`s card from my Aunt Kay! My aunt kay is so awesome! She rocks! And she loves my blog n i love her so so much! YOU ROCK AUNT KAY!

Hey hey!

I wanted to u show you some more of my family! So here is a picture of my family Christmas on the Kirkpatrick side!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

pictures pictures pictures!

whats up!

Here are some good pics and memories!the ones with water and boats and stuff is at Potato Lake!

check um out! PEACE.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


sup sup sup!

Want to learn some more about me? Well here is some facts!

Fav color: Blue and Green and Purple!

Fav animal: Dolphin/ man i wish i had one!!

Fav food: Strawberries!

Fav gender: girls of course! GIRL POWER.

Fav sport: Volley ball and basket ball. Well i did play pitching machience as u c at the top pic! I dont like it anymore! I love dance and cheerleading too!

I love fun things! And i just love chillin out and being with friends!

Fav book: I love all the books by Judy Blume!

Fav movie: Marley and Me! Love it!

Fav hair style: Loose curls baby!

Fav people: my friends and my family of course!

Fav state: Flordia and Hawii as you see one of my pictures is my mom in a shop in hawii!

Fav holiday: Christmas! Easter! My birthday as you see at the top one of my pictures is me with another girl thats my friend Alexis she lives in Kansas City and I visted her with my family for Easter

Fav college football team: Hawkeyes! OH YA!

Fav pro team: Steelers! My parents arent happy about that! lol

Glad you got to know a little more about me!


For Lily!

Hey hey! This ones for my Lily! I could not find a picture of Lily alone so I have this one the little one is Drake! And the big one is Lily! Lily is such a sweet flirty dog! She is such a flirt with her boyfriend! But Lily is sometimes quite the chewer. When she is chewing on are stuff. We call her chewbaca! But most of my friends like Lily more then Drake which I understand but I love both Lily and Drake so much! Lily loves her belly rubbed and she likes it when people sing and rub her belly! Lily`s birthday is November 13th and she is 2 years old. She loves to run around with Drake but she loves to chew on things! And she loves her papa which is my dad they sit together in the recliner and its so cute! Lol! But I love Lily so so so so so so so so much!!!! And Lily loves playing with other dogs! Lily and Drake act like brother and sister! But they are not. Right now Lily and Drake are watching my mom and Jenna play Rockband! Jenna on drums!!! Of course! My mom on gautir! And my dad making breakfast me and working on my blog!
Lily I love you
Love your girl

For Drake!

Hey this ones for my puppy Drake! Well that was him when he was a pup! But he is 11 months old now! But I still love him so much! He sometimes is the worst dog ever like in the Movie Marley And Me! I love that movie! It rocks! But Drake is so great! Sometimes he is acting like the Alpha Dog. Like yesterday my dog Lily had her boyfriend over and there Drake was! The alpha dog! And Drake.. He gives so so so so so many kisses! He kisses more then any dog i have ever seen! And I taught him how to dance! Lol. And right when i walk in the door from school are any where he will just jump up and want to dance! But thats Drake! The great alpha Drake!
drake`s girl


Hey hey!

I have told you guys quite a bit about my family! Now I want to show you a picture of them! This picture was taken at my Aunt Lea`s wedding on Oct. 11th! Okay! I will tell you who is who the little one in the white dress is my sister Jenna. The one with pretty curly hair in the black dress is me!!!! And the dude with the black jacket is my dad! And for last the beautiful! My mom!! In this wedding My mom was Made Of Honor. And Jenna was Flower Girl. And my dad taped the wedding so we called him the Video Man. And I was the Jr. Bridemaid! I have wanted to be a Jr. Bridemaid sence i was about 4! And I wanted to make this post cuz my family are very importanat to me! And they are all awsome people!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

This ones for my mom

This ones for my mom!

Mom- thank you so much for being an awsome mom! And rocking and just being the best mom ever!


your daughter and number 1 fan!


Hawkeye fans!

Yo yo yo!
this is for all my hawkeye fans!
ur hawkeye hommie hales

to all my friends!


I would like to give a speical something to all my friends that go on my blog! TO MY FRIENDS: Hey friends! you know u r all very speical to me! And i love ya lots! Like a friend! And peace to my friends and love ya all!
haley ur hommie!

Hey everybody

Hey everbody!
Send me a note! I will be happy to right back! And tell me how i could make my blog better!


meet haley kirkpatrick

Hey! My name is Haley Rae Kirkpatrick and I am 9 years old. My birthday is July 5th 1999. And I was born at 5 am. lol. I am in fourth grade and my teachers name is Mrs. Villont. My favorite color is green. And I love blue. I have a mom named Laurie Ann Kirkpatrick she is the best mom ever! She also has a blog you can learn more about here there. My mom is a counsler at a colleage I think she has a wonderful job! And I have a father named James Jay Kirkpatrick. My dad is so awsome! He does presintations. And I have a little sister named Jenna Irene Kirkpatrick she is 7. Jenna is a goofball and I love her so much! She is standing right by me and she says oh ya why do I fight with her a lot. She said that when she saw the I love her so much thing! lol. And I have a couple other members of my family. One would be my goldren retriver Lily Rae Kirkpatrick. She is 2 and so sweet but sometimes we like to call her chewbaca. lol. And I have another golden retriver named Drake Breeze Kirkpatrick. I like to call him my boyfriend! lol. Drake is quite the guy! He is 11 months old! His birthday is coming up in March! Well I have 2 other members of my family! My fish Love and Bug. They are gold fish and love to swim swim swim and they really like fish flakes! Thats all the members of my family! Now I will tell you more about me. I have a best friend named Haley just like me! She is so crafty and awsome! She rocks! And she is the perfect best friend! If you have any questions or anything you want to know just send me a note!
Haley Rae Kirkpatrick