Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hey hey!

I have told you guys quite a bit about my family! Now I want to show you a picture of them! This picture was taken at my Aunt Lea`s wedding on Oct. 11th! Okay! I will tell you who is who the little one in the white dress is my sister Jenna. The one with pretty curly hair in the black dress is me!!!! And the dude with the black jacket is my dad! And for last the beautiful! My mom!! In this wedding My mom was Made Of Honor. And Jenna was Flower Girl. And my dad taped the wedding so we called him the Video Man. And I was the Jr. Bridemaid! I have wanted to be a Jr. Bridemaid sence i was about 4! And I wanted to make this post cuz my family are very importanat to me! And they are all awsome people!

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