Sunday, February 8, 2009


sup sup sup!

Want to learn some more about me? Well here is some facts!

Fav color: Blue and Green and Purple!

Fav animal: Dolphin/ man i wish i had one!!

Fav food: Strawberries!

Fav gender: girls of course! GIRL POWER.

Fav sport: Volley ball and basket ball. Well i did play pitching machience as u c at the top pic! I dont like it anymore! I love dance and cheerleading too!

I love fun things! And i just love chillin out and being with friends!

Fav book: I love all the books by Judy Blume!

Fav movie: Marley and Me! Love it!

Fav hair style: Loose curls baby!

Fav people: my friends and my family of course!

Fav state: Flordia and Hawii as you see one of my pictures is my mom in a shop in hawii!

Fav holiday: Christmas! Easter! My birthday as you see at the top one of my pictures is me with another girl thats my friend Alexis she lives in Kansas City and I visted her with my family for Easter

Fav college football team: Hawkeyes! OH YA!

Fav pro team: Steelers! My parents arent happy about that! lol

Glad you got to know a little more about me!


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