Saturday, February 7, 2009

meet haley kirkpatrick

Hey! My name is Haley Rae Kirkpatrick and I am 9 years old. My birthday is July 5th 1999. And I was born at 5 am. lol. I am in fourth grade and my teachers name is Mrs. Villont. My favorite color is green. And I love blue. I have a mom named Laurie Ann Kirkpatrick she is the best mom ever! She also has a blog you can learn more about here there. My mom is a counsler at a colleage I think she has a wonderful job! And I have a father named James Jay Kirkpatrick. My dad is so awsome! He does presintations. And I have a little sister named Jenna Irene Kirkpatrick she is 7. Jenna is a goofball and I love her so much! She is standing right by me and she says oh ya why do I fight with her a lot. She said that when she saw the I love her so much thing! lol. And I have a couple other members of my family. One would be my goldren retriver Lily Rae Kirkpatrick. She is 2 and so sweet but sometimes we like to call her chewbaca. lol. And I have another golden retriver named Drake Breeze Kirkpatrick. I like to call him my boyfriend! lol. Drake is quite the guy! He is 11 months old! His birthday is coming up in March! Well I have 2 other members of my family! My fish Love and Bug. They are gold fish and love to swim swim swim and they really like fish flakes! Thats all the members of my family! Now I will tell you more about me. I have a best friend named Haley just like me! She is so crafty and awsome! She rocks! And she is the perfect best friend! If you have any questions or anything you want to know just send me a note!
Haley Rae Kirkpatrick


  1. Hey send me a comment!

  2. Hales! This is quite the blog, you techno-gal. I love ya lots - hope you have fun keeping your blog up. You are a wonderful little writer.
    xoxo, Mom